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Tuscan Hills is located close to Highway 27 and Highway 192 where you’ll find plenty of restaurants to suit all tastes.

At the Bahama Breeze restaurant on the Highway 192, there is excellent food close by. There is a Happy Hour too so plan ahead. Check out the location below:

Or call 407 390 0353 to make a reservation.


Devenneys’ Irish Pub near Cagan’s Crossing is one of our favourites, and we have offers for our guests. Please ask your owner for the special coupon and enjoy food and refreshments at the family eatery. Devenney’s is just a mile north of your resort. Call 352 432 3925 for more information.

Cagan;s Crossing has a good variety of food options including Azum cafe, plus British, Greek, Mexican and American (Sports bar) eating options.

Some of our other experiences include:

This is a franchised restaurant with outlets all over the states. The nearest one is at Berry Town Centre which is less than a mile away. The meals are good and tasty with plenty of choice. There also to a 2 for $20 deal which consists of 1 starter to share and 2 main courses. They also do happy hours from 5.00pm to 7.00pm each day with 2 for 1 deals on draught beers, spirits and wine. The spirits are the generic gin, whisky etc not the branded products.
This is another franchise very similar to Applebees but with a more Mexican slant. Again there is plenty of choice at reasonable prices.
Johnnie Rockets.
This is a  franchise with restaurants at Pointe Orlando and the Loop serving what is described as ‘All-American Hamburgers, Shakes, and American Fries’ . The theme is a 1950’s diner with black and white tiles, stainless steel décor and red plastic seats. There is back ground music from the late 50’s and early 60’s. The staff  also sing and dance. Why not visit for a bit of nostalgia with a bonus that the burgers are extremely tasty?
Olive Garden
This is an Italian restaurant serving a nice selection of meals. There is a fair selection of soups which are tasty and filling. There are a number of set antipasta/starter dishes or you can create your own by making your own combination. A started followed by soup and then a main course will (probably) not leave enough room for a sweet.
Texas Longhorn
This is a steak/meat based restaurant with the usual selection of cuts, ribs and burgers. There also do a couple of nice signature salads, our favourite is a combination of Pecan Nuts, Strawberries with a Raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
Sweet Tomato
This opened in 2011 and is something different to other restaurants, probably especially for lunch rather than dinner. There is a long salad bar with a variety of different salads and cold pastas. Fill up your plate! After your salad there are a selection of hot soups and meals such as chilli, a couple of different pastas, baked potatoes etc. Go back as many times as you wish and sample as many of the dishes as you wish. A selection of sweets is also available.
Texas Road House,
This is a relatively recently opened restaurant about 3 miles away from Tuscan Hills on the Highway 192. There are buckets of peanuts in shells on the tables which you snack on whilst you wait for your meal, the shells you push onto the floor. There is also fresh bread brought to the table as an appetiser. Together with the usual steaks and ribs there is a good selection of other dishes. Whilst you are eating the staff will start line dancing. A great atmosphere at the Roadhouse
Logans Road House.
There are 2 locations for these restaurants, one is at the junction of the 192 and International Drive which is about 9 or 10 miles away. The second location opened summer 2012 and that is on the Highway 192 very close to the Texas Road House. There are have buckets of peanuts in their shells on the tables and you just put the shells on the floor. There do a good selection of meat dishes including the usual steak, ribs and burgers. !
This is a nice Italian restaurant at with a good selection of freshly prepared meat, seafood and Pasta dishes, they also do Pizzas but the selection is very limited.  When you sit down at the table the waiting staff will bring a small basket of warm fresh bread which you eat with Olive oil mixed with herbs. Based on Highway 192 just three miles fro Tuscan Hills.
Cracker Barrel
Mom’s home cooking, the breakfast’s are filling and good value. Lunch and dinner in our experience are excellent value. Cracker Barrel is about 3 miles away South on Highway 27 going towards the I4
TGI Fridays
Plenty of Steaks and Ribs here together with burgers and salads. The TGI Fridays are very different to any you may have visited in the UK They also do Steaks and Ribs with a Jack Danials glaze which some people prefer to the normal glaze.
This is a favourite with a good selection of Steaks, chops and in my opinion the best ribs. As well as the plentiful salads check out the chopped blue cheese salad. One of the signature dishes is a Blooming Onion which is a large onion dipped in batter and deep fried. The result looks like a Chrysanthemum and is eaten with a piquant dip. You probably need 4 to share this, unless you are a hearty eater.